Expertise Takes A Back Seat

Remembering the times when we had to take part in art exhibitions or arts and crafts projects back in our school going days makes us glad that we have passed that stage and come. For those who considered themselves the lesser of the creative species such projects were an uphill task, requiring many laborious hours to produce something that was considered remotely creative and interesting. 

The joy of growing up

Growing up relieved us of all those compulsory activities and gave us the freedom of choosing from the various designs and colors of something available to us in any store that we walk into. But on the other hand the popular trend right now is for people to make these various things themselves, from simple gift boxes to DIY wedding invitations. This goes to show that the do it yourself trend is on such a high that people are willing to implement those ideas even in their wedding invitations without going to the tried and tested printed cards. Even though some people might still opt for the opinion of an expert and the well trained eye of an expert there are some of us out there who are willing to take a risk by trying things out for ourselves. If we can come with a unique idea by playing around with a few different takes on various things from handmade cards to table decorations and serviette rings. There is no limitation to what we can produce if we do try to things ourselves. Even though it’s always the easier option to walk into a store, grab a cart and start putting things into it, there is some joy in trying to make something ourselves from scratch. It might get messy and it may most of the time not come out as we imagines.

It will definitely not have the polish and glamorous look of something brought from a store, but there is definitely more pride in keeping something you made yourself on display in your home. All our do it yourself projects will look shabby to begin with but as our hands and eyes get trained to the subtleties of the various improvements that can be made, it slowly starts to look more and more professional, and with an immense amount of practice we can come up to the level of producing store brought goods. Like they say hard work will always pay off and practice makes you perfect and make a memorable event. And to bring out the creative inner self you need to practice more often than not.