What Every Smoker Needs?

Every profession or hobby comes with its own list of requirements and accessories. Just like the artist needs his easel, painting accessories and plenty of paper, the student needs his books and writing supplements. The farmer needs his farming equipment, seeds and fertilizers, and the doctor needs his stethoscope and white coat if anything.

You might not have thought about it, but even smokers have their own list of accessories. If you are intrigued, continue on below to find out what, as cigars Perth smoker, you will be needing! Below is the list of the things you should be having at home:

  • Humidor – as you would have heard from your tobacconist, all tobacco products can easily lose their flavour and be ruined if the humidity levels are not maintained. Too much moisture, or even too little of it can harm them, making it essential that these sensitive products are placed in containers that can maintain the humidity at a specific level – or basically, a humidor. This is a usually little box, traditionally made of wood (but nowadays, you can find them made of carbon fibre and other materials) – but depends on the number of products you want to store, you can find them large enough to store over a thousand of tobacco goods. The prices vary when it comes to a humidor, but generally, an average-priced one will suffice.
  • Cutter – you cannot smoke a stogie without a cutter! A cutter is one of the most important necessities for any smoker, as your smoke needs to be cut at the end – or alternatively, have a hole punched – to allow the smoke through (as this end comes with a wrapping that fully envelopes it). Depending on your smoking habits, you can go for a larger tabletop cutter, which you will need a place on top of a table as the name suggests. However, if you tend to smoke frequently, it makes more sense to buy a portable cutter (i.e. guillotine cutters) which you can attach easily to a keychain or keep in your pocket.
  • Ashtrays – this is a no-brainer, but make sure to have an ashtray to keep all your ash in one place. There is an incredible assortment of ashtrays to choose from, so you are certain to find something that you will like, but make sure to keep in mind a few pointers: the tray should be deep enough to contain at least two to four smokes’ worth of ash. Furthermore, if you want to smoke whilst on the road, it might make sense to also buy a smoke pouch for your ash.